What next after Google?

The Oxford Praxis Forum Lecture

Monday 28 November 2022   17:00 to 18:30


Dr Alexander Mikhalev

This lecture will provide an overview for non-specialists of an open-source project in data science, Pattern, that is using modern Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality tools to assist knowledge exploration, presentation and re-use, with examples drawn from the National Library of Medicine Metathesaurus (UMLS).

The lecture is part of The Oxford Praxis Forum.

About the speaker

Alexander Mikhalev HeadshotDr Alexander Mikhalev has a MSc in Computer Science and Computer Engineering (Bauman Moscow State Technical University) and a PhD Applied Mathematics (Multi Agent data fusion for UAV geolocation) from Cranfield University/Defence Academy UK, where he was also a Research Fellow.

Dr Mikhalev has a particular interest in systematic approaches to managing innovation. For example, in 2018 Mikhalev ran a ‘skunkworks lab’ inside Nationwide Building Society which resulted in the first patent in the history of the Society on the topic of secure distribution of data.


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Type: Lectures and Seminars